My background is in computer science and AI, and in particular a domain called developmental AI, focusing on understanding intelligence through the prism of interactions with a physical and social world in the context of life-long learning for embodied agents. I founded a robotics company, Gostai, sold to Softbank in 2012, which was exploring some of these ideas.

I'm also passionate about Physics, which I studied for some years, and more specifically I like to think about the various interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, or new computationally inspired models of discretized physics.

More recently, looking at the state of the world and thinking how democracy could be improved, I got more and more interested in innovation related to governance. One aspect I tried to explore with Dual Universe, a metaverse produced by the company Novaquark that I founded in 2014, is the possibility to simulate online civilizations in the hope of being able to witness the emergence of new governance models via in-game tools that allow people to self organize. I'm currently exploring these ideas further in the context of blockchain technologies, which I believe have a great potential for decentralized governance and possibly a new model of democracy.


The ideas expressed on this blog are my own, flawed and constantly evolving, and do not represent official statements from the companies I work for, or I invest in.

Jean-Christophe Baillie

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